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Yes. No kidding. We actually said “Yes”, and manged not to kill each other.

Yes, clothing is mandatory. As for style, we recommend “Formal, Evening Gowns, Cocktail Dress, Tuxedo”, otherwise known as “Please just don’t show up in your pajamas.”

We’re accepting all kinds of gifts: gold bars, diamonds, unicorns, keys to a beachfront property… But if those are hard to come by, Ali is a Wu-Tang Clan fan,  C.R.E.A.M. is much appreciated. 
(PS: CREAM stands for: Cash Rules Everything Around Me) 

Only if you upload them here on our website.

If you received an invitation, we love to have you from start to finish. Where you finish is up to you. 

If you can find a spot on the moon, we totally recommend it. Otherwise, there will be plenty of parking available at the venue.

Of course! We’ll have a ‘Tears of Joy’ station complete with tissues and comfort pats on the back.

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